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Stanley Caplan, MS, CHFP

Mr. Caplan is an independent consultant with a strong background in ergonomics and product design. He retired after a 26-year career at Eastman Kodak Company, during which he managed and performed a wide variety of human factors engineering activities. His experience includes product conceptualization, design, and usability evaluation of both consumer and commercial products. Mr. Caplan uses a variety of techniques to capture voice-of-the-customer feedback for driving user-centered design. He is the principal in his own company, Usability Associates.

Rob Duckwall

Mr. Duckwall is a graphic designer with extensive experience in user interface development. His experience includes graphics and design, medical illustration, animation, and development of 3D images for use in multimedia projects, web-based programs, and traditional print media. He has a strong background in advertising and development of visual promotional and marketing products. Mr. Duckwall is the co-founder and creative director of Dragonfly Media Group and has provided graphic design support on several User Works projects.

John Goodwin

Mr. Goodwyn is a user experience consultant with experience working with the Web since 1996. He has helped countless customers develop their online messages to be clear, concise, efficient, effective and engaging. His experience ranges from sales to project management to creative direction but his core strengths are Usability Testing and Consulting, Content Strategy, and Copywriting.

Dana Kraft

Ms. Kraft is a strategic consultant with a background in market research and web site development. Her experience includes website usability programs for both corporations and government agencies focusing on identifying strategies for increasing site effectiveness and adoption. Ms Kraft is the founder and president of RarePoint Strategies.

Cory Lebson

Mr. Lebson is a web developer and usability analyst who has and extensive experience with the management of people, projects, and systems in cross-disciplinary settings. His areas of expertise include management, usability and information architecture. Mr. Lebson holds advanced degrees in business management (M.B.A.), sociology (M.A.), religion (M.A.) and psychology (B.S) along with related publications and conference presentations. Mr. Lebson is the founder and president of Lebsontech.

George M. Samaras, PhD, DSc, PE, CPE

Dr. Samaras is a registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Professional Ergonomist. He is VP, Science & Technology of Samaras & Associates, Inc., a Colorado-based company specializing in technical management consulting and validation engineering for FDA-regulated firms; he has a number of biomedical equipment patents and an extensive list of scientific publications in biomedical research.

Alissa Stern

Ms. Stern brings a rich variety of experiences to bear on her usability evaluation work. A lawyer by training, she has an extensive background in dispute resolution. The international nonprofit organization she founded counted as its clients the World Resources Institute, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, DC Bar, Mobil Oil, Waste Management, Inc., and the Institute for Public/Private Partnerships. She helped to create one of the first national parks in Ukraine through a public dialogue initiated after an extensive stakeholder analysis; initiated one of the first regulatory negotiations in Bolivia; and worked with Israeli, Palestinian, and Arab youth on environmental projects of mutual interest. She is a published author on business/environmental relationships and how organizations and companies can better collaborate.

Jenna Wexler, MA

Ms. Wexler is a qualitative researcher with interests in the user interface design of human-computer systems.She also has her own company, Mirador Research.