A message from UserWorks’ president, Dick Horst, regarding our response to the coronavirus challenges:

Like everyone, we are trying to determine the best way forward in light of the significant disruption and challenges posed by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. We intend to continue conducting business and producing high quality deliverables for our clients to the best of our abilities. Much of our work involves user research, some of which can be conducted with participants remotely located but some of which requires in-person interactions with participants. So we are particularly focused on protecting the health and safety of our staff, research participants, and clients while conducting in-person studies. Our participants include consumers as well as professionals in various fields, including healthcare professionals. So as we continue our work in enabling new healthcare technologies, we want to be mindful not to unnecessarily burden the healthcare professionals whose time and skills are needed for virus response.

Given these goals, we are postponing some in-person studies and going forward with others, deciding what to do on a case by case basis. Any studies that can be done with remotely located participants will be done in that manner. Our personnel have been authorized to work from home, unless on a given day they are “essential” to work that requires a presence in the office. We are taking the widely recommended precautions – washing our hands frequently, making hand sanitizer readily available, wiping down high-touch surfaces with germicidal wipes, avoiding shaking hands, keeping our distance from each other, etc. If colleagues, clients, research participants or prospective participants have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us, or me personally, at any time.


Dick Horst, Ph.D.


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