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Our Services

Our Design Services

Our experienced team of user experience professionals can add value at any stage of the product development process. However, incorporating User-Centered Design (UCD) at an early stage of product creation can help ensure success in later stages.

User Interface and Interaction Design

Effective user interface design is about helping people to accomplish desired tasks in a way that makes sense to them. UserWorks has experience working closely with end users to understand their preferences and behaviors to learn what generally works and what typically doesn't. Also, our UX designers are experts at thinking outside the box – often by importing user interface constructs and techniques from other contexts and using them in a novel fashion.

A Few of Our Methods

A user experience professional will have a structured discussion with a potential or existing user.

A user experience professional will create high or low fidelity prototypes to illustrate a user interface design

Information Architecture

UserWorks' UX specialists balance business goals, technical constraints, and user needs to create a unified structure for your content. This can be at a high level as well at a micro-level. We will incorporate future goals into the content design requirements, allowing for future expansion. UserWorks UX specialists will make it easier for your users to find information by employing our user-centered approach.

A Few of Our Methods

Content Inventory and Analysis:
A user experience professional will create an itemized list and help you analyze your content to help identify areas of overlap or missing content.

Taxonomy Evaluation and Development:
User experience professionals will evaluate the efficacy of the terms being used in the existing content structure and can help you create an optimal vocabulary or "Taxonomy" to use.