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Our Remediation Services

We can not only help prevent problems with users' experience through design or identify user experience issues through evaluation; we can also help you "remediate" or fix issues, whether stemming from accessibility or usability. Issues can occur in a variety of products including web-based systems, kiosks, mobile applications, and documents. No matter what type of product may be affected, we can either remediate it or help your team to work towards a solution for any issues troubling your users or preventing accessibility compliance.

Accessibility Remediation

Using assistive technologies and manual inspection of code, dynamic content, or document formatting, we determine the cause of each violation and work to correct them. We can remediate a variety of file formats of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML files to meet agreed upon standards, such as those detailed in WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and other governmental and international accessibility standards.

Project Management Support

UserWorks can develop the project plan for remediation action including, but not limited to, project tasks, milestones schedules, deliverables, resource requirements, and training. Our accessibility experts can help prioritize remediation efforts also.

Prioritizing Remediation Efforts

Prioritization is about one thing: utilizing the customer's resources in the most efficient manner toward the greatest possible good for both the organization that owns the product (website, document, interface, software, IT system, etc.) and the audience that uses that system. Some sets of guidelines, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, structure their success criteria in terms of level of conformance, priority, or severity, which are identified during the initial audit of the system or product. During the remediation phase, UserWorks will leverage categories to develop a remediation plan specifically for your project.