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Our Services

Our Services

UserWorks offers a wide range of services, including user interface design support, usability evaluations, and accessibilty evaluation services for both hardware and software products.


Whether you are designing a brand new product or revamping an existing product, we have strategies and techniques. UserWorks employs a wide range of research methodologies to gain a clear understanding of your audience. By understanding who the potential users are, what they want, and how they behave, we can improve existing products, generate new concepts and spark innovation. Grounded in usability and human factors principles, our research yields quantitative and qualitative data that can provide actionable insights. In addition, our team can provide aesthetic design services for your product including creating style guides, wireframing, and prototyping.

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UserWorks specializes in tailoring our evaluation services to meet your needs. Our team has the ability to evaluate products using a variety of techniques. Our trained professionals can apply user experience heuristics or accessibility standards to evaluate your product and we can solicit feedback from real users through techniques such as moderated usability testing, tree testing, and focus groups.

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Our team can help you correct any issues that may have been found during a usability or accessibility evaluation. Whether you need user experience design services to help create solutions to aesthetic problems or PDF document modification to correct accessibility errors, we can assist you in implementing changes to improve your users' experience.

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Research Participant Recruitment

UserWorks has supplied well-qualified participants for many past studies in both the public and private sectors, successfully recruiting thousands of participants for over a hundred studies. Our proprietary database includes thousands of registered participants from the greater Washington area and nationwide. They are available for either in-person or remote sessions.

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