Our Services

UserWorks offers a wide range of services, including user interface design support, usability evaluations, and accessibilty evaluation services for both hardware and software products.

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User-Centered Design

UserWorks employs a wide range of research methodologies to gain a clear understanding of your audiences. By understanding who users are, what they want, and how they behave, we improve the usability of existing products, generate new concepts, and spark innovation.  Learn more

Accessibility Remediation

Using assistive technologies, manual inspection of code, dynamic content, or document formatting, and involving users with disabilities, we’ll identify and correct accessibility issues in your product. We'll help you ensure that your product meets the needs of all of its users.  Learn more

Medical Device Standards

Our team of experts will help you navigate the world of medical device standards to ensure that your device is not only easy to use but also meets FDA and international safety requirements for marketing your device around the world.  Learn more

Participant Recruiting

Our experienced participant recruiters know how to identify and find the right kinds of participants to make the most of your user research. We’ll handle the screening, scheduling, reminders, and incentive payments for you. Learn more