Our Facilities

As researchers ourselves, we know what matters when it comes to conducting user research and capturing valid data. You can trust that our facilities will meet your needs because we use them for our own research.

Our facilities are located in Silver Spring, MD, just one block north of the Washington, DC beltway. Our location in the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington-Northern Virginia area offers ready access to three area airports: BWI Thurgood Marshall, Reagan National, and Dulles International.

Our facilities are available for rent with or without our research or recruiting services.

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A notetaker watching a usability test session through one-way glass at a UserWorks lab

A usability test conducted in a UserWorks lab.

Laboratory Specifications

UserWorks has approximately 3600 sq. ft. of office space, including two usability labs, one of which doubles as a focus group room.

Both labs are paired with adjacent observation rooms, which come equipped with large, one-way mirrors for unfiltered session viewing. Observations may also be made via our closed circuit video systems, which pull live feeds both from our lab cameras and participant devices.

Focus Group Room

Observation Room: 14' x 9'

Testing Room: 15' x 20'

Usability Laboratory

Observation Room: 14' x 8.5'

Testing Room: 9' x 13'

Our rooms feature comfortable seating for participants and observers, and complementary high speed internet access for clients. Our first-floor facility is wheelchair accessible and offers free parking.

Laboratory Equipment

Our labs are outfitted with state-of-the-art digital audio/video recording equipment, and we offer a range of modern user research tools.

We have all of the necessary digital video and audio equipment to conduct and record virtually any type of user research activity studying all types of interfaces including desktop, mobile, medical device, paper material, television, augmented reality, and more.

We can provide high definition cameras for recording user interaction from multiple vantage points. High quality microphones and mixers pull crystal-clear audio from study sessions, which is routed directly into our observation rooms and recording systems. For computer-focused research, we can provide powerful PCs running the latest OS and software revisions.

A high-definition digital camera mounted on a tripod at a UserWorks lab

A portable HD camera mounted in a UserWorks lab.

Equipment Inventory

Group Room
One-way mirror & live-video for session observation
High speed internet access
Secure WiFi/Ethernet access for clients
Digital video projector (can be moved to either room)
High definition TV (can be moved to either room)
Capability to support multiple camera angles & views
Audio mixers w/ multiple microphones
Digital audio recording of participant and moderator
Live 1:1 capture of participant PCs & mobile devices
Fully equipped for remote PC & mobile testing
Live session streaming available for remote observers
Observational data logging/analysis software
Equipped for A/V editing & session video production