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Participant Recruitment

High quality participants are a necessity for effective user research and testing. UserWorks works hard to recruit the right participants for its own research studies and we can do the same for yours.

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UserWorks knows recruiting

UserWorks has supplied well-qualified participants for many past studies in both the public and private sectors, successfully recruiting thousands of participants for over a hundred studies.

UserWorks works closely with customers to define the selection criteria for your studies and targets specific user types as needed. We have recruited people from many walks of life as well as professionals from many occupations and technical specialties.

Decades of recruiting experience

Since our founding, UserWorks has supplied well-qualified participants for hundreds of research projects around the world.

  • UserWorks has supplied thousands of participants for projects across a variety domains
  • We have satisfied customers in both the public and private sector
  • Our team has successfully recruited participants across a range of demographic characteristics including cultures, beliefs, medical conditions, disabilities, and more
  • We have more than twenty years of experience recruiting participants for our own research projects

We've had success recruiting for:

  • Governmental agencies
  • Medical manufacturers
  • Professional associations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • Small businesses

A massive database of participants

Our proprietary database includes thousands of registered participants from the greater Washington area and nationwide.

  • Our participants are available for both in-person or remote sessions
  • Our database spans a range of demographics, socioeconomic categories, occupations, and levels of technical sophistication
  • Our database is large and ever-expanding, so repeat participant is never an issue

Our database covers a range of dimensions, including:

  • Age & gender identity
  • Racial/ethinic identity
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Health & disability
  • Education & occupation
  • Marital status
  • Tech savviness
  • Geographic region
  • English proficiency

Flexible enough for any project

Our methods are flexible and our team can adapt to fill even the most specialized recruiting requirements.

  • Our database volunteers are responsive, and we're able to quickly poll our members for specific criteria
  • If necessesary, we have the resources required to pull participants from sources outside of our database
  • Whatever the need, we'll work with you to ensure that you have the right participants for your project

We've had success recruiting:

  • Troubled youths
  • Medical professionals
  • Business owners
  • Union workers
  • Unemployed workers
  • Students
  • Recent graduates
  • Military personnel

A commitment to quality and integrity

We're commited to recruiting high quality participants for you in a fair and timely manner. We hold ourselves to a high standard in recruiting for ourselves, and it's our promise to do the same for you.

  • There is no charge to the client for any participant who fails to show up for a scheduled appointment.
  • Prior to any testing UserWorks will obtain a signed informed consent agreement from each participant in the study.
  • To prevent no shows, each participant receives a reminder call the day before their scheduled appointment.
  • As we recruit, our team will give the client access to a live-updated document containing list of each participant’s characteristics for client approval.

Aspects of the recruitment process that we support:

  • Identify screening criteria
  • Develop screening questionnaires
  • Publicize opportunity to database and other potential participants
  • Screen and schedule participants by phone
  • Fulfill incentives (in-person and remote)