UserWorks Employee List

Dick Horst


President & Principal User Experience Specialist

Dr. Horst is an experimental psychologist and human factors engineer with extensive experience in applied behavioral research, systems development, and usability engineering. He founded UserWorks, as Man-Made Systems Corporation in September, 1989, and since then has been involved in all aspects of the company's technical work, business development, and management.

Bill Saiff


Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Bill came to UserWorks after 11 years at Fannie Mae where he founded and directed the company’s User Research and Interaction Design Group, which was responsible for the user-centered design of over 70 B2B and B2C applications and websites. At UserWorks, Bill provides seasoned leadership in managing our various UI design, user research, participant recruiting, and user experience evaluation, testing, and strategy projects.

Mark Becker


Senior User Experience Specialist

Mark is a User Experience Specialist at UserWorks, where he leads projects involving usability evaluations, task analyses, and other user research. He has also played a support role on a wide variety of projects, including accessibility reviews, ergonomic evaluations, mental modeling, and interface design and redesign efforts. Mark also has strong technical skills and has been valuable in maintaining and upgrading UserWorks’ lab equipment and office computer network.

Tristan Wilson


Senior User Experience Specialist

Tristan has an extensive background in behavioral and psycho-physiological research, with formal training in a range of methodologies from behavioral coding to electroencephalography (EEG). He is versed in web development, digital design and data analysis. At UserWorks, his work includes usability evaluation, user experience testing, heuristic evaluation, user journey mapping, wireframing, prototyping, and accessibility remediation. Tristan holds a Master of Science in clinical psychological science from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Jake Bevitt


Project User Experience Specialist

Jake’s expertise is in user behavioral research, including experimental design, data collection, and data analysis. Skilled in many user experience evaluation methods, Jake has employed task analysis, card-sorting, persona creation, online surveys, expert reviews, and usability testing on a variety of projects. He is also practiced in design methods that involve HTML coding and various forms of prototyping, such as wireframing and paper prototyping. He holds a master’s degree in human factors and applied cognition from George Mason University (GMU).

Neha Kale


Project User Experience Specialist

Neha has a strong background in human-computer interaction, user experience, quality assurance, and accessibility. Prior to joining UserWorks, she interned at Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. where she was responsible for evaluating and improving the user experience of the insurance buying process. Neha also has 4 years of experience as a Software Quality Analyst in India. At UserWorks, she supports a variety of projects involving user research, usability analysis, accessibility evaluation, participant recruitment, and literature review. Neha holds a Master of Science degree in Human Centered Computing from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she graduated in 2018.

Manu Peethambar


Project User Experience Specialist

Manu is a User Experience Specialist at UserWorks, versed in product design, interaction design and web development. He has been a full-stack product designer and an experienced lead consultant with over 8 years of experience in UI/UX and front-end engineering agile projects at Deloitte Digital and Infosys Ltd. He holds a Master of Science degree in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Nick Weinel


Staff User Experience Specialist

Nick's role as a User Experience Specialist with UserWorks includes conducting user experience evaluations, usability testing, participant recruitment, and marketing outreach. Prior to starting at UserWorks, Nick developed marketing campaigns and provided UX consulting for private sector companies, including Via and Mattress Warehouse. He is a 2017 graduate of the University of Maryland, where he majored in marketing and economics and graduated with honors.

Sruti Vijaykumar


User Experience Specialist

Sruti is working at UserWorks as a User Experience Specialist while completing a Master of Science degree in Human-Centered Computing at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She has a special interest in designing for accessibility and has hands-on experience in conducting usability tests with participants who have blindness, low-vision, motor impairments, and cerebral palsy. She has conducted qualitative and quantitative analysis on data she collected from heuristic evaluations, contextual inquiries, user interviews, and eye-tracking to revamp the user experience of websites to make them accessible. Sruti has a Bachelor of Engineering degree and worked as a UI/UX Designer in India before moving to the United States to pursue her graduate degree.

Brenda Horst


Operations Manager

Since 1996, Brenda has served as Operations Manager for UserWorks. In her role as Operations Manager, Brenda is responsible for the day to day in-house company operations.

Naomi Brown

Participant Coordinator

Naomi is the Participant Recruitment Coordinator at UserWorks, where she manages recruitment projects, and contacts and screens potential recruits for clients. Naomi also acts as an Executive Assistant, providing executive-level administrative support to the President and other UserWorks staff.