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User-Centered Design

No matter the type of product, UserWorks has the expertise to make the user experience of your product as safe, effective, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.

We're committed to a better UX

Drawing from our experience in dozens of user research, evaluation, and design methods, UserWorks will work with you to determine the best method (or methods) by which to reach your project’s specific goals.

Whether it’s to learn more about your users and their needs, to explore how users interact with your product, to evaluate the usability and accessibility of your product, to improve the design based on the research findings, or to recruit participants for your research project, we've got the skills and the experience to help you realize your product's full potential.

Learn About Users

By understanding your users, you can design a product that is centered around their needs.

  • Who are your users and why would they use your product?
  • What do your users need?
  • What do your users need to do?
  • What do they already know about your product?
  • What should they know about it?

Methods we can use to help you learn about your users:

  • User interviews
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Personas

Explore User Interaction

Accurate insights into how users interact with your product can help you provide a more satisfying user experience.

  • How do your users interact with your product?
  • How would they like to interact with your product?
  • How do you want users to interact with your product?
  • Where and how do users expect to find certain content?
  • Is all of the currently available functionality or content necessary?

Methods we can use to help you explore user interaction:

  • Web analytics
  • Contextual inquiries
  • Task analysis
  • Workflow mapping
  • Journey mapping
  • Web and system analytics
  • Card sorting
  • Content inventory

Evaluate Usability & Accessibility

No matter the stage or life cycle - from conceptual ideas to existing products – understanding how usable your product is can help satisfy your customers in the long term.

  • Are users able to use your product safely, effectively, efficiently, and with enjoyment?
  • What errors do users make?
  • What confusion or difficulties do they encounter?
  • Do they understand the controls and content, and can they act accordingly?
  • Does the design use standard usability and accessible design principles to support users in all contexts?

Methods we can use to help you assess usability:

  • Usability testing
  • Heuristic review
  • Accessibility review
  • Eye tracking
  • Readability analysis
  • Comprehension testing

Improve Product Design

Our findings and recommendations leverage data from actual users in order to help you make evidence-based decisions regarding the design of your product.

  • What changes need to be made to improve your product's user experience?
  • Based on the research and evaluation findings, how can the design of your product be improved?
  • How can the interaction design, visual design, underlying structure, or content be changed to better meet user needs?
  • How can you maintain a positive user experience throughout the product’s lifetime?

Methods we can use to help you make evidence-based design decisions:

  • Accessibility remediation
  • Interaction design
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Visual design
  • Plain language revision
  • Style guide development
  • Accessibility policy development
  • Ongoing UX support